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4.How to Wash a Wig ?

Everyone who often wearing a wig should know how to wash a wig, now let's start the topic with a few frequently asked questions

Q: How often should I wash my wig?
A: If you wear your wig every day, at least once a week is recommended. If you do not use often, wash after a few times use. Please do not store your wig without washing.
If you do not wash your wig often, the hair will less smoothy, and thus will cuase the tangling.

Q: Should I wash my wig with cold water or warm water?
A: Everyone knows that we shouldn't wash our wig with hot water, but which degree is better? Our advice is warm water, the degree that you feel comfortable when you put your hands in. 
Why not cold water? Because warm water helps remove the oil, makeup and so on.

Q: Do you have any recommended products that I use to wash and condition my wig?
A: Just use the products you like and with less chemical composition. Buy the shampoo and conditioner with the price you think it's acceptable and you feel like it's okay about the smell.

Q: Will deep condition ruin my wig?
A:That depends on the products you use, always choose the conditioners with less chemical composition.

And here's the steps of washing a wig: