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How to fix lace wig on your head tightly?
How to fix glueless lace wigs on your head tightly for the sake of having access to an absolutely natural look? Here is a useful tip for you:

Step1: Prepare a piece of relatively wide elastic. 

Step2: Take the measurement from ear to ear across the back of head.

Step3: Whatever the amount of inches is ,lets say, its 13inches, then take away about 3 inches ,then , its about 10 inches where you gonna stop and measure the elastic band and cut it at that point.

Step4: Sew both ends of the elastic or tape upon the position of ears inside the wig cap.

Step5: Put the elastic band onto the back of your head. Then Adjust the wig in the front. Make sure it's on, secure and always even with the stocking cap.

Step6: Start using the tail of the comb to pulling out the hairs left in the front. Pull out as much hair that suits you best. If you have widow's peaks. Always make sure that your widow's peak is showing in the front of the wig so that It gives you a natural hairline. 

Step7:  Then you can take whatever makeup, foundation or powder that you use to blending the part. After you are done with all the blending. Then you will see that the front is very natural.

Step8: Well done! Perfect looks!